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Blincon BB Color Cosmetic Contact Lenses are monthly disposable colour contact lenses. Another breakthrough from Blincon with beautiful colour lenses plus significant eye effects. The Blincon BB colour series brings the eyes a more significant sparkling look. It comes in 10 colour options. Many customer feedback claims BB Color Contact Lenses are much more comfortable, reasonably priced and affordable.
Key Features:

  • Enhance Your Wonderful Color of Life!
  • Outgoing Sexy and Bright Attraction.
  • Fashionable, Charming and Graceful looks.

Product Details:

  • Base Curve 8.60 mm
  • Diameter 14.5 mm
  • SPH Power Myopia: Plano, -0.75D to -5.00D (in 0.25 steps); -5.00D to -8.00D (in 0.50 steps)
  • Water Content 40%
  • Material Hema
  • Daily Wear Schedule, Monthly Replacement
  • Packaging of 2 pieces per pack
Color Range

BB Black, BB Blue, BB Brown, BB Choco, BB Green, BB Grey, BB Orange, BB Pink, BB Red, BB Violet

Power Range (SPH)

Plana (0.00), -0.75D, -1.00D, -1.25D, -1.50D, -1.75D, -2.00D, -2.25D, -2.50D, -2.75D, -3.00D, -3.25D, -3.50D, -3.75D, -4.00D, -4.25D, -4.50D, -4.75D, -5.00D, -5.50D, -6.00D, -6.50D, -7.00D, -7.50D, -8.00D

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